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Silverline Flow-in Hoods
Silverline Flow-in Hoods

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SILVERLINE’s new and powerful FLOW-IN cooktop is a real innovation, which gives a clear idea of what cooking is all about: A top -quality induction cooktop with built-in hood for a downward suction of vapour to the position where it is mounted, that is, a direct suction from the cooktop, close to the frying pan, the saucepan and the carbon monoxide. There is no magic in it. It is just a question of speed.

Cooking vapour rises at a speed of about 1m/s. When the air flow velocity is high, the FLOW-IN cooktop conducts an optimum detection of kitchen vapour directly from the pots or frying pan. The upward air flow is pushed to the side and sucked downwards. If the cross flow is stronger and faster than the rise of cooking vapour, this vapour may not be sucked.



FLOW-IN: Cooktop with built-in range hood

FLOW-IN is a top quality induction cooktop with built-in range hood, designed by SILVERINE, an innovative team working towards an experience-centred kitchen. Key advantage- cooking vapour is suctioned directly downwards, from the cooktop into the range hood. The two left cooking surfaces can be combined to form a larger surface through the Bridge function, for optimal heating of large utensils like cookers. The cooking unit has 2 areas with an additional Booster function and 9 levels of performance per cooking area. SILVERLINE’s principle to design kitchen products that are at the service of humankind and focus the daily use of these products on practical experiences, is perceptible in the multitude of the FLOW-IN applications: This innovative concept not only applies to conventional kitchens, but also to kitchens with islands, wherein it is impossible to assemble or build a traditional extracting hood. You can mount the cooktop with integrated range hood in a flush-like manner and embed the hood flat into the cooktop. This combination is equally appropriate for kitchenettes, considering that the 52 cm cooktop is perfectly adaptable to the standard depth of a 60cm countertop. The hood is easy to remove and provides direct access to the stainless steel filter. Hence, easy and comfortable cleaning of all parts. As a top-quality product, FLOW-IN is equipped with an innovative motor base which is energy-efficient as well as an external motor, available on demand.

Flow-in Hood

• 40cm
• Touch Screen
• Timer function
• Cleaning Indicator
• Inox Filters
• Decorative glass/inox top lid
• Hob integrated flow-in extraction

700 m3/h 4      
Airflow Capacity Speed  



© Copyright 2015 Silverline Appliances CO. All Rights Reserved
© Copyright 2015 Silverline Appliances CO. All Rights Reserved